This page is to inform, to entertain, and frankly to serve as an outlet for my random thoughts, concerns, and observations on the end of freedom & liberty in the former United States of America.

I do not plan the posts.  I do not edit the posts.  I don’t pour over them in any attempt to make them easier to read, more concise, or grammatically correct.

These posts are stream-of-consciousness writing.  This is Kerouac-style political prose, only without the drugs or innate talent.

If you are a precious snowflake of the left; that is, a basically useless, coddled, safe-space inhabiting-pajama-boy with a bright future ahead in either the government service or barista career fields, be warned.  I will not be held accountable for your tears, your rage, the micro or macro-aggressions you encounter, or the frustration of your boyfriend who has to console you after you read this.

Remember to collect your tears; they are very valuable these days!


Note: I have absolutely no connection to this product.  I just absolutely love the name.